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Amazing Unique Qualities Of Raila Odinga That No Politician Can Match

Lamech Bwabi



He is a rare talent in politics.Since the country attained it’s independence, he has been an active figure maintaining his name top when matters of national and public interest are concerned.He has been the kingpin of the Luo for more than two decades and nobody beats him when political intelligence is needed, forget alone election results.He has been a premier minister in the coalition government.

Most politicians like J.M Kariuki who became a threat to the government were assassinated but Rails has survived all these years and is now a Godfather in politics not only in Kenya but Africa at large.Here are the unique traits by Baba that not most politician’s possess.




[PHOTO; Raila Odinga (right) with president Uhuru Kenyatta (left)

The wise men said persist until you succeed.It seems Raila is among the wise men and is trying to give life to the proverb.He has been trying to get into power since 2007 and it is now 13 years but he has not managed to win an election.Anytime he comes close, then it is alleged the elections were rigged but he never fails to maintain his name on the ballot.

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Raila has gone through a lot.Since the reign of Moi, Odinga suffered and at some point spent some years in jail.In 2007, anonymous sources revealed that he won the elections but transparency lacked.To end the ethnic animosity, he agreed to form a coalition government. When mzee Moi died, he stated that he had forgiven him and working with Kibaki was a sign of forgiveness.


He has also been abused by his nemesis both politicians and citizens but he has been letting it go and even worked together with those who tried to ruin his reputation.




[PHOTO; Raila Odinga (left) with ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi (right) ]

Abusing your colleague publicly is not confidence or spreading hatred.Confidence is revealing top kept secrets that are squeezing the life of an innocent Kenya.Raila while in or out of government has been revealing scandals and public funds that have been embezzled opening the eyes of responsible commissions and protecting public fund.



Raila thinks outside the box.He had sworn himself illegally as people’s president and the nation was therefore going to be divided. With deep thinking, he put matters of public interest top and made a handshake with his by then political rival president Kenyatta.

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