Amazing! This Is The Most Viewed Bongo Stars On YouTube


The Bongo flavour industry is considered as the most selling music industry in East and Central Africa. The music stars here are endowed with immense talent and it’s with sheer determination of how they push for success.

With African stars like Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Zuchu and Ali Kina, that tells you of how the field is such a joy to watch.

With recent research on YouTube, based on viewership, these artists were ranked based on who is with the most viewers.

Top artists like Ali Kina, Nandy, Darassa and Aslay were nowhere near the top 5 and they appeared to be dominated by Wasafi label all the way.

1. Diamond Platnumz

With over 33M views, Platnumz was the most viewed artist in Tanzania. His music is of good quality and that tells you of what talent he has.


2. Zuchu

Following the footsteps of the Boss, Zuchu took the second position with over 25M views on youtube. She’s also established herself as one of the finest female artists of East Africa.

3. Rayvanny

Another Wasafi star, rayvanny is also among the best in the region and also an award winning artist. Rayvanny is on 25m views.

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4. Harmonize

Despite dumping Wasafi, Harmonize is still on the top of the game, releasing hits with his own record label Konde gang. He’s on 4th with over 12M views.

5. Mbosso

Holding the fifth position is Mbosso with over 7M views, another Wasafi outfit.


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