See Francis Atwoli’s Very Expensive Multi-Million Mansion In Kajiando That Might Surprise Many


The Central Organization of Trade Union Boss Francis Atwoli is indeed a rich man. Being the man who agitates workers rights, his life speaks different. He’s in high class life that has developed the interest of many Following his expensive multi-million mansion he possess.

Francis Atwoli has a lavished home at llbisil in Kajiando county. Reports affirms that Atwoli’s house costed millions of money upon it’s construction. Atwoli’s mansion has is tightly electric fence with a modern gate. It’s well decorated and designed modernly.

PHOTO: COTU General Secretary Francis Atwoli at his mansion in Kajiando

It has a classic parking zone that can accommodate more than 100 cars at a go. Inside his mansion, there is a restaurant that can accommodate around 300 guests at a time. There is also a well designed swimming pool that cools of the COTU Boss when he’s tired from work.
Here are some of the photos of Francis Atwoli’s lavish home;

PHOTO: Inside Atwoli’s house

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