Amazing Photos; It Is Betty Kyalo And Her Daughter Ivannah Against The World

The unbreakable bond between Betty and Ivannah

No one can compare the love of a mother to anything in this world especially when it comes to Betty Kyalo and Her baby girl Ivannah. Their bond is certainly out of this world.



Talk about a mother’s sacrifice her daughter’s life is secured thanks to her hardworking and selfless mother who took an oath to put Ivannah’s life first providing the best for her and making sure she does not miss anything in this life.

She will be her mother and farther but anytime she needs her dad Dennis Okari the she is willing to mend the relationship with his baby daddy so long as it’s Ivannah and her against the world.

Not long ago Betty did the most adorable thing ever, she went down on her knees to her only daughter telling her beautiful words to her shy daughter who looked away probably in disbelief of her mother’s action but feeling lucky someone special did the one thing girls often yarn to see from their loved one.


From the photo taken Ivannah seems to be well taken care of from her healthy body to her well made hair and to top it off verified sources confirmed that Betty wanted put everything she possess should be written under Ivannah’s name.
Her fans have since reacted to the post praising the duo for their strong bond and Betty serves as an example to all mothers out their and shows them the true meaning of being a mum because giving birth is not the real deal but nurturing your kid to be a responsible citizen.

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Let us hope that her daughter will emulate her mum in the future and offer her kids the best just like her mother and the love should be passed from generation to generation.


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