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Amazing  Natural Ways To Destroy Dandruff Skin Disease For Good.

Shadrack Olaka



Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp, flaking, itchy skin and greasy patches.
It is caused by dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic reactions to hair and skin products, skin condition like eczema, diet and overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called malassezia.
There are many medications and special shampoos that treat dandruff but people can also eliminate dandruff at home using natural remedies.
The following are natural ways to get rid of dandruff.
1. Omega-3 fatty acids
A deficiency in this fatty acids can result in adverse symptoms such as brittle nails, dry skin and dandruff.
These fatty acids helps in managing oil production, improving hydration and reducing signs of aging in a person’s body.
2. Baking soda
Its other name is sodium bicarbonate. It is an exfoliant that removes excess skin cells and oil on the scalp.
It contains antifungal properties that helps fight the fungus responsible for dandruff.
3. Aspirin
It contains salicylic acid which is an active ingredient mostly used in dandruff shampoos. It reduces inflammation on the scalp.
Crush one or two tablets into fine powder and mix with a dollop of regular shampoo.
Apply the mixture to the hair and leave it for some minutes before rinsing out.
4. Coconut oil
This help improve hydration, prevent fungal growth on the scalp and reduces irritation.
You can apply coconut oil directly to the scalp before washing it out or maybe find a shampoo that has coconut oil.

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