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Amazing! 3 Most Memorable Maraga Moments As He Retires

Edwine Agesa



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Kenya’s Chief Justice David Maraga celebrated his final day in office as his tenure came to an end. Justice Maraga had earlier announced that he would be retiring in mid January 2020 as he turned 70 years old.

The Chief Justice was one of the toughest obstacle for the current leadership with his memorable decisions proving a headache. Maraga had been a constant thorn and always seemed to defend what was right despite some opposition from various political forces.

Maraga will notably be remembered for his nullification of the 2017 elections results. The Chief Justice made the decision which made citizens go back to the polls to redo the whole process. This decision seemed to go against the leadership which finally cams into power.

His second memorable moment came when he asked the President to dissolve parliament for failing to honor the affirmative action. This demand was never put into action with his constant reminders falling on to deaf ears.

Maraga also made headlines when he called the budgetary cuts in the Judiciary as unconventional. He claimed that some of them were meant to interfere with the smooth running of the institution.

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The now retired Maraga took over from Willy Mutunga who retired early in 2016. He retires leaving behind his Deputy Justice Philomena Mwilu taking over in an acting capacity.

Mwilu is however facing opposition as she still has corruption cases following her.

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