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Al Shaabab In Trouble, Special Forces Commandos Take A Bold Move

Job Maangi



Photo: Soilders preparing for a mission

Kenyans have suffered greatly from constant attacks from the famous Alshaabab terrorist group in the country.

Political instability and bad governance in Somali is one of the reasons behind the triving of the illegal millitant group.

The government of Kenya made a decision to send the Kenya defense forces with an aim of flushing out the Alshaabab millitia.

Many soilders have succumbed in their line of duty Which has caused the Suffering of the family members and their immediate dependants.

In order to intensify the fight against the fierce millitant group the government made a move to purchase equipments that will help in the war against Al Shaabab.

The government is expected to buy vehicles that will help in combating the illegal group, the APCs have a high level of ballistic and mine protection, are agile, dynamic, versatile.

Actually the Katmerciler HIZIR is a 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle which will be purchased is well designed and strong able to withstand tough conditions.

In an interview with a local newspaper, KDF Spokesperson Col Zipporah Kioko remarked that they are in the final stages of acquisition of the highly advanced millitary vehicles.

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