African Star Gets Featured in Hollywood Blockbuster

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Afropop Star Davido. Photo courtesy.

African pop star Davido has been featured in a blockbuster movie that’s been recently released. The star appeared on the movie that came out on Thursday March 4.

Davido was featured in the already famous and star studded Coming to America movie that came out on Thursday. The singer was part of the performance as he got his own scene.

The initial reports only had soundtracks from a couple of African artists including Davido but his appearance in the movie was not disclosed. His surprise appearance excited Africans who have already watched the movie.

The Edi Murphy led sequel follows the original movie that was released 30 years ago. It follows a story of Africans who traveled or were taken to America in the past.

The sequel tells a story of redemption and taking back African Americans back to their homeland in Africa. The movie is also filled with traditional cultures of various African countries.

The movie also has comedians such Tracy Morgan and other major movie stars. The movie is already streaming in theatres in the United States.

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