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Aden Duale’s Last Message To Kenyans After Removed As Majority Leader Of National Assembly

Daniel Mutuva



The Member Of Parliament of Garissa Township Constituency Aden Duale has been oustered as the majority Leader of the National Assembly. Duale has been replaced by Amos Kimunya as the New Party Majority leader in the National Assembly. Aden Duale had been serving as the Majority Party leader in the National assembly for 7 conservative years under Article 108 of the Constitution 2010.

In a meeting Chaired by Jubilee party Chairperson President Uhuru Kenyatta,changes were made in Jubilee party where changes in the majority party leader in National assembly was inclusive. However, Aden Duale has been termed as the visionary and responsible Leader. Unlikewise his counterparts who have been oustered from Jubilee Party, Aden Duale did not mock and reject his ouster on the changes made in the party.

PHOTO: President Uhuru Kenyatta ( in military Uniform) with Garissa Township Contituency MP Aden Duale 

It’s reportedly that other leaders who have been oustered from Jubilee Party over various accusations, have been mocking the party with the party leader over their ouster claiming that the right procedure wasn’t followed. Unlike Aden Duale, this is ironical. Aden Duale appreciated his ouster and thanked Kenyans and other relevant sectors including the netizens of Garissa for their support while Serving as the majority Party leader in the National Assembly. Here are Aden Duale’s message after his ouster;

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“I come, I saw and Conquered. Today marks the end of my seven years of service to the great people of Kenya as the Leader of Majority of the National Assembly. I was the first occupant of the seat under article 108 of the Constitution,” Aden Duale twitted

” As the first leader of Majority Party in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, I can now pen down this for History and record. I came, I saw and I conquered.God bless Kenya. Signed; Hon. Aden Duale, EGH, MP,” MP Aden Duale pinned

” Finally, I Wish to thank all Kenyans for their support and in particular the great people of Garissa who I know look forward to continue working with for a great future,” Aden Duale appreciated.

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