Actor Accidentally Met President Uhuru And Asked Him To Do This

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Actor Pascal Tokodi.

Actor Pascal Tokodi accidentally met President Uhuru Kenyatta and only had one favor to ask of him. According to reports by various news websites on Wednesday February 24, the actor asked the president to watch a TV show he stars in.

Pascal Tokodi was driving around Statehouse when he happened to see the president in what was reported as an evening stroll.

The actor carefully passed by and waved to the President. Uhuru then waved back and that is when Tokodi voiced his request.

The 27 year old asked the president to watch Selina, a local romantic soap opera which he stars in as one of the main characters.

The president is said to have smiled but no further response came from him. Tokodi, who is also a singer, has been on the show for a while.

Selina is a local show that airs on Maisha Magic and has been in existence for almost 5 years now.

Pascal Tokodi plays one of Selina’s love interests on the show that is a favorite among many Kenyans.

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