A Woman Attempts Suicide After Her Husband Commits Suicide Two Weeks After Their Wedding

She could not let death do them part

As the world marked its suicide prevention day which was on 10 September it is sad to hear devastating news of suicide attempts despite all the programs and helpline to save as many depressed souls as possible. In India a newlywed medicine student in her twenties jumped off a balcony after her husband killed himself two weeks after they exchanged vows.

The woman was fortunate enough to survive but she is currently nursing serious injuries on the head an legs. The husband’s body was discovered in his crushed car poisoned and left behind a suicide note pointing a finger at two engineers at a local municipal authority for allegedly assaulting him at his working place.

The young widow could not let death do them part and left a hotel in which she had been booked for by her father on their way to Faridabad where her parents were claiming she was going to get a drink only to arrive at a mall four miles away and jumping off the balcony but survived thanks to the responsible stuff who rushed her to a local hospital.


 The police are yet to arrest anyone but are looking into the matter as the two engineers who were mentioned at the 32 year old contractor suicide note are currently in custody together with a third party for assisting in the suicide.
India actually has the highest suicide case in South Korea with 28 students committing suicide everyday this is according to the National Crime Records Bureau. May justice be served to the culprits for provoking yet another suicide.


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