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Joy to all sacked teachers as court directs TSC to do this immediately



TSC employment 2023. Teachers can celebrate significant victory after a court ruling over disciplinary cases presented by a teacher over the sacking by TSC.





A disciplinary panel must have at least one commissioner who serves as the session’s chair, according to Judge Byram Ongaya’s ruling.




In his ruling, Judge Ongaya ruled that the TSC members have no authority to sack a teacher without any relevant evidence.




In a decision adopted at a meeting on May 14, 2020, the TSC decided that management will hear all kinds of discipline cases other than reviews.





TSC employment 2023





For instance, when there is a problem between TSC and any of its workers, a well-formulated disciplinary committee is responsible for solving the matter.





The disciplinary committee consists of a Human resource officer and the TSC county director of education.




In regard to the petition filed by a TSC secretariat employee named Rose Mwende Mutisya, she received a sacking letter because of complaining over the improper promotion of teachers.




As attributed in the petition evidence, tsc took advantage of the high number of teachers’ promotions approved to sneak in their own unqualified teachers for promotions.




Five employees who had previously received a warning or a caution due to incorrect salary adjustments and a subsequent overpayment were recommended to face disciplinary action by the investigation committee TSC established.