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TSC to increase salary for the following teachers in July

Teachers salary increase 2023. Teachers who have served in a job group for at least three years will be eligible for a wage increase from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The Commission received approval from members of Parliament when its request for sh. 2.2 billion set for teacher promotion

The Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) report on the Budget Policy Statement (BPS) also requested increased funding to allow TSC to promote approximately 14,000 teachers who despite having greater qualifications, have remained in one job.

“Extra Sh2.2 billion (Recurrent) for teacher promotion,” says the BAC report, chaired by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

KSh600 million is set to transfer 4,595 primary school teachers from Job Group C1 to Job Group C2, CEO macharia stated

About Sh400 million  2,637 graduate instructors from Group C3 to Group C4.

More than Sh175 million will spent to advance 652 graduate teachers from Grade D3 to Grade D4.

The commission is looking to promote 13,713 secondary and elementary school principals, deputy principals, senior masters, secondary teachers, head teachers, and deputy head teachers.

Teachers salary increase 2023

TSC will also promote 2,733 regular primary school head teachers, 1,330 secondary school teachers, 1,725 deputy principal II, 602 regular school principals, 224 deputy principal III for secondary schools, and 208 Senior Master II.

There were also 73 openings for ordinary secondary school chief principals, 32 for Special Needs Education (SNE) head teachers, 22 for Deputy Head Teachers for SNE schools, 17 for deputy principal I, eight for SNE principals, and four for SNE chief principals.

Counties are now conducting TSC promotion interviews. Those vying for the position of headteacher are among those shortlisted for promotion interviews.