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MOE Directs Senior Secondary Teachers to Teach Junior Secondary Under The Following Circumstances



The ministry of education has directed Junior Secondary School (JSS) to source Teachers from senior Secondary School (SSS) as the ministry work on preparedness to post teachers to Junior Secondary.



Teachers Service Commission (TSC) employed 31,550 Junior Secondary School Teachers on permanent and pensionable and Internship terms.



However, According Director of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Charles Ong’ondo, some Junior Secondary School do not have enough teachers to teach some specific subjects.



Mr Ong’ondo has directed that Senior Secondary Teachers to be sourced to Teach Junior Secondary School in the subjects that lack Teachers.



Charles Ong’ondo has further directed Junior Secondary School heads to coordinate with county director of education to obtain teachers from the secondary sector.



However, according to Mr Ong’ondo, despite of the ministry of education’s bid to hire Junior Secondary School Teachers, the number will not be enough as more are required.



Junior Secondary School heads have been asked to reach out neighboring senior Secondary School Teachers through the sub-county directors to help in special subjects



“Where we don’t have teachers in the special subjects, let the principals reach out to the neighboring schools through the sub-county directors’ office, and this will be resolved,” he said.



According tor Ong’ondo the arrangement should be temporary as the Ministry of Education work out to place more teachers in Junior Secondary School.



“By the end of February, the ministry will take stock of the teachers already posted and the deficit,” he said.