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Mp Salasya Cheats Death After Two Ladies Intervention In The Pool


Mumias East Member of parliament Peter Salysa was prayed for by clergy leaders after he almost drowned in South Sudan.

He recounted that if it was Ugandan and Kenyan ladies who saved him from drowning in the pool.

Were it not for the Ugandan and Kenyan ladies who rescued me, we would be speaking of something else today. I was advised to take a rest. I will never swim again “ he added.

He vowed not to get back to the swimming pool as the adventure almost robbed him his life.

“I was almost dead in the swimming pool, but I was rescued. I will never go back to a swimming pool.

“Kama haujui ku swim (If you don’t know how to swim) like me, please don’t try,” he stated.

Whenever a person is drowning they are advised to head up and try to breathe normally.

They should shout and wave to attract attention from people who are willing to assist you.

Then attempt to lie on your back and tilt your head out of the water to stay oxygenated and recapture energy.

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