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‘Ditectives’ Investigate Luwi and Maria Honeymoon To Know What Happened


Maria Swahili telenovela actor Brian Ogana has announced the start of another program very soon.

In a post on Instagram, he possed a photo with the director of the new program Mourine Obare.

Ogana Brian asserted, “#SuitKing #ComingSoon #ComeBack #NewProjectLoading If you were looking for a sign, here it is @mourineobare super director ulisema the magic is within.”

The super actor mockingly said that social media detectives are trying to find out what happened in the honeymoon with Maria.

“#SuitKing Whatever happened in the midst of the honeymoon is still a mystery Even social media detectives are trying to solve the puzzle,” Ogana remarked.

Actor Brian Ogana whose stage name was Luwi Hausa won the hearts of many due to his prowess in acting and lucrative look.

In the play he pursued Yasmeen Said as lover which made the two become the two to be favorites of many due to their chemistry.

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