5 Money Making Businesses That You Can Start With Less Than $20

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The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered many people jobless as others have lost their sources of livelihood. The reality has dawned on us that we need to shift from being job seekers to job creators.
The sad fact is that more people are loosing jobs more than those are getting employed globally. Most economies in the world are crippling down as the governments are desperately looking for foreign grants and loans. Despite all this I have good news for you. Below are businesses you can start will little income and make a living.

1. Making of Masks
Due the Corona virus pandemic period most governments have compelled their citizens to put on masks at all times. All you need is to buy cloth material and lias with a tailor who will make for you masks. An average mask costs Ksh 50. If you manage to sell 10 masks a day that will translate to 5$. In a week that is 35$.

2. Selling Of Detergents
At the moment the hand washing detergents are on high demand. You can purchase a detergent worth 15$. Visit the nearest restaurant and pick the used up water bottles. Distribute the detergent into the various bottles of water. You can decide to sell each 500ml bottle at 70shilling. If you manage to sell 1000 bottles that will give you 70$.

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3. Vegetables and groceries
The world health organization gave an advisory to people in regards to social distancing. People are supposed to be at home to avert the spread of covid-19. You can form a whatsapp group of people in your estate and organize for a way of delivering to them groceries.

4. Revision Materials
Due to the covid-19 pandemic most students were sent home as schools closed. You can offer a solution to the students by producing revision materials.

5. Coffee and snacks
You can decide to provide a solution to the coffee lovers. The extension of curfew hours is a good opportunity for you make income. All you have to do is to buy coffee carrier and buy some snacks.


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