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5 Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know About FC Barcelona.

Cedric Ouma



In 1899 one of the most successful and famous club not only in Spain but in the world was founded by John Gamper FC Barcelona also commonly known as Barca. The professional club has won many trophies and written many histories which are hard to imagine.

Here are some of the facts you probably don’t know about this Spanish giant.

1. FC Barcelona is owned by its club members.

The FC Barcelona is one of the few club in the world to be owned and operated by its supporters and not by an individual or corporate body. In 2016, there were an estimated 14000 members in Catalan and together those members form the governing body of the club.

2. The club with most Ballon d’Or winners.

With a grand total of 11 of its players awarded this prestigious award, Barcelona sits ahead of Real Madrid, Juventus and AC Millán which all tie at 8. Lionel Messi has done more for the club ranking out of the 11 players, winning 6 times since 2011.

3. Their funs are nicknamed Asses. The nickname originated back in the twenties during Barcelona match. Barca fans used to sit in the top row of the stadium seat with their but very much visible to passerby. The supporters were then nicknamed culs which means ‘Asses’ in English.

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4. They invented Tiki-Taka as their own style of play.

Johann Cruff who joined Barca in 1973 after a stint at Ajax before moving to America after few years, is the brain behind Barcelona distinct style of play. The Dutch born is one of the most famous Barca players and managers of all time. He also created the world famous “Dream Team,” which includes Pep Guardiola, Jose MariBakero and Txiki Begiristain.

5. The only club to win trebble twice. In 201415 Barca made history as the only European club that has won all the possible European trophies in a single year twice 20082009 and 201415 season winning Copa Del Rey, La Liga and UEFA Champions League. No club has broke this achievement till now and it doesn’t seem like any club will do so soon

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