5 Dangerous Effects Of Cheating In A Relationship

Dangerous Affair


Cheating means one partner going outside the relationship for emotional or physical needs.

But cheating has very damaging negative effects that can last for a long time. These effects are:

1. It damages self esteem
The cheated will be the one who suffers the blow to his or her self esteem. Cheating always destroys the emotional and the psychological part of a person.
The partner develops a lot of thoughts and questions on his or her mind.
2. Loss of trust in the cheating spouse.
The victim will always find it difficult to trust again even if the relationship ends and another one begins, that baggage of infidelity can follow. It will never be easy for the cheated person to be convinced because the damage is always to great.
It is very important to deal with your trust issues by all means even if it is by getting professional help.

3. A roller coaster of emotions
This means a mixture of emotions which is a total confusion.
One minute you feel like screaming, the next crying. This is because the cheating comes from the person you trusted the most with your life. This always digs a big emotional wound in the victims heart.
You might blame your partner and the same time blame yourself. It is a normal happening to feel a myriad of emotions when facing infidelity.

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4. Emotional instability
The victim always feels like the world has turned upside down because the things that gave you a sense of security in your life has been shattered.
At this point it is important to find that sense of stability inside yourself and remember your survival skills of the past days to help you cope with this.
5. Affects all areas of life
Infidelity causes a ripple effect in one’s life. It can either be positive or negative.
It is important for a person not to make changes to major areas of his or her life while in the midst of the emotional turmoil that accompanies an affair.


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