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4 Things Witnessed In Manchester United’s 1-0 Win Against Wolves

Kelvin Muchuma




Manchester United were the hosts of Wolves at the Old Trafford on Tuesday night December 29 in a tightly contested premier league match. Each team was really wanting the win if not a draw. Ole Gunnar’s side were keen to continue with the unbeaten run in a couple of consecutive matches and they surely did it. United secured a late goal to enable them get the three points. They now sit in position two in the premier league table with 30 points while Wolves are at position 12 with 21 points. The following is what was witnessed in that match.

1. Marcus Rashford’s goal.

After long struggles for almost the entire game, Manchester United were lucky to get a goal at home against Wolves. Marcus Rashford saved them with a last minute goal. He netted three minutes past the normal 90 minutes. He was assisted by the fantastic Bruno Fernandes. This put them ahead for the remainder of the match. That win was so important to the Red Devils.

2. Man United’s clean sheet.

Manchester United secured another clean sheet from the match. That was vital for United as they added one on their goal tally. Their goalkeeper David De Gea as well added one clean sheet to his records.

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3. Man United’s ball possession.

Manchester United were fantastic in terms of ball possession. They controlled the ball for the better part of the game. This gave Wolves problems at some point. United finished the game with a ball possession of 58%.

4. De Gea’s saves.

Man United’s goalkeeper David De Gea worked tirelessly to ensure that he keeps a clean sheet. He therefore had not to take any chances. He made 5 important saves that night.

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