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4 Exact Signs You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

Shadrack Olaka



When everyone around you maybe your friends seems to be dating and are in a relationship, you may start asking yourself to many questions, like ”When will i find love?, Does no one see me?”
Well to be fair enough, it does not mean you are ready for one, just because you want a relationship.
If you are still single and are not hitting the socially-constructed milestones, the society says there is something wrong with you. But there is a reason why you have not found true love in healthy relationship…yet.
The following are 4 honest and plain signs that you are not ready for a relationship:
1. You lack purpose and vision
A purpose is a sense of why you exist and what you feel lead to accomplish in your time here on Earth. And vision is what you have indicated are the objectives in future you will accomplish.
Establishing your purpose and vision first will allow you to establish a fulfilling life and minimizing the number of unfulfilling relationships and people in your life.
2. You can’t define what a healthy relationship is
This one requires more than just looking at someone else’s relationship and attempting to be like them. It is about being true to yourself. It also requires committing to learning more about yourself and the contribution you bring to the relationship.
Make sure you take time to really explore who you are first.
3. A relationship is your ”prescription” for loneliness
Many people dread the idea of being single as if it is a life sentence in prison. Loneliness is not the same as being single and can never be compared, but is more about your relationship with yourself. Loneliness is a very strong feeling, like a serious drug, will cloud your judgement in dating.
Resolve your loneliness before you become emotionally involved with someone beside yourself.
4. You are uncoachable
In a relationship, love is a mutual effort. It more about self sacrifice. Loving your partner the only way you want to love them will hurt your relationship. So you need to be teachable and coachable so that you can have a healthy relationship.

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