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3 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Your Crush To Like You

Melinda Venessa



It is normal to have a crush on someone and you keep wondering if they feel the same way about you. And so you look for things to do that will capture their attention, and get them to notice you. Here are some tips: Try approaching them for friendship first by being supportive so that you can get closer to them and know more about their hobbies and interests. Show them your fun side, your good sense of humor and style, your high level of confidence, and all the beautiful and amazing things about yourself. Such small things may make your crush to start liking you and developing interest in you.

1. Form a friendship with your crush by being a supportive friend

It is said that the best relationships started off as strong friendships. Focus on being friends first so that you can grow and strengthen your bond before taking your friendship to another level. You can do this by helping them when they are in need like revising for a test, always listening to them to know how their day has been and what they are going through, encouraging and supporting them in what they want to achieve, and cheering them up when they are in a low mood.

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2. Find out what your crush is more passionate about in life, and what their interests in life are

Finding out the kind of things your crush likes will give you something to talk about when both of you have a conversation. These may include things like engaging in sports, reading books, listening to music, or watching movies. Find out about their passion by asking them what they are interested in. You might even find that both of you share a common interest. If you want to establish a strong and deeper connection with them, you can ask about their family, their hobbies, their interests, or any other thing that will reveal to you more about them. This will likely encourage them to want to inquire more about you.

3. Spend lots of time with your crush

It is true that the more time you spend with someone and around them, the more likely they are to develop an attraction towards you. Try hanging out more often with your crush, go to a movie together, go for walks together, and even have lunch together.

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