Are You Looking For Husband Material? Do Not Panic! Here Are The Perfect Qualities Of Husband Material You Need



If you are currently single, there is a chance you have a list of the important qualities you are looking for in a man. Maybe handsome, Tall, dark, etc, sure. They are very important but in a grand scheme of things, a thrilling appearance is nowhere near the most important traits man can have.

If you are ready to settle down, here is what will make him marriage material.

1. He knows how to make you laugh

Him being able to laugh and let loose over anything is a truly important characteristic your man should have.

It is especially great if he can lighten the mood during stressful moments.

2. He’s trustworthy

It doesn’t feel good to doubt your man. Honesty and trust is crucial in a relationship. Once you have established trust with each other, the rest of the relationship should just come naturally.

3. He knows how to manage his finances

Money is one of the major causes of fight in relationships.

The guy who knows that rent and utilities are a higher priority than fancy dinners and pricey new clothes.

4. He is a family man

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A guy who at least knows how to act around kids.

He knows how important it is to stay connected to family.

5. He’s got a sense of adventure

Your ideal man won’t be afraid to go outside and have an adventure with you.

He wants to experience as much as he can and has no fear of exploring the unknown.

6. He truly appreciates your quirks.

Nobody is perfect. Every person has that one weird flaw that is hopefully cute and not terrifying.

A good man will accept you just as you are, and won’t try to change you.

7. He’s got a grand plan for his life

A man who has a general rough draft of where he sees himself in a few years is a guy who doesn’t coast through life.

He has thought ahead and has visions of where he would be happiest, as well direction on how to get there.


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