How Raila Can Still Beat Ruto

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Raila Odinga has been struggling to get into power since Kenya got independence. He has earned himself several titles after repeatedly losing and claiming that the elections were rigged.2022 is not different from other election years for Raila will be on the ballot either willingly or unwillingly. His only threat is deputy president William Ruto.

Denying Ruto Jubilee’s Candidacies

“I have no preferred candidate for 2022. ..even my closest friends have betrayed me..” Said the president in one of the development campaigns.This was the beginning of differences between UhuRuto.Possibilities of the dp being endorsed by jubilee are below average for recent actions by the president showed lack of trust in him.

Murathe, outspoken former jubilee vice chair and unofficial spokesman of the president has severally hinted on who Uhuru will support.Ruto went ahead to form Jubilee Asili in Jubilee centre with a team of around 20 members and it was alleged he had a plan to quit the original Jubilee.If Jubilee fails to endorse Ruto,then it will be too late for him to have a fair ground.

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Uhuru endorsing another candidate

The uniqueness of Mt Kenya region from others is that they vote as a block following the steps of their spokesman.Murathe has hinted that Peter Kenneth is the man.Kenneth has already been on the ballot severally and if he gets Uhuru’s support, then Mt Kenya region will be on his back.These is a blow to Ruto for he will have lost in a Jubilee’s stronghold.

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Regional Kingpins.

The only sure way for the ODM leader to get at least 20℅ from different regions is by having regional kingpins.His stronghold remains to be the former Nyanza province with unlimited kingpins from ward level.Western region has witnessed division and thus threatened Raila’s dominance in what was thought to be previously his bedroom.

Musalia and Weta are on their own meaning NASA died after the handshake.If Raila can manage to have the support of Atwoli and Oparanya which he already has, then he will get the majority of the votes from the region.Recent meeting with former Tangatanga Allie Care Waruguru and support from Anne Waiguru secures him some votes from the central region.
If he manages to have kingpins in his court, then no one will beat him no matter the coalition.

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