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How To Improve Standards of Living In Covid-19 Economy Using Your Smartphone

How To Improve Standards of Living In Covid-19 Economy Using Your Smartphone
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Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major blow to the globe altering the economy of diverse countries as most individuals have lost their jobs others forced to operate from home in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

Despite of the inconveniences triggered by this global pandemic, technology has rescued the deploring situation leading to some operational continuation and giving hope to individuals with writing skills who had lost their jobs due to covid-19.

Internet has become a vital platform to people’s live hood especially in this period of global pandemic.  As times goes by, internet has become a major treasure to trove for most people in many ways and one of the remarkable ways is through online writing. Those with writing skills have greatly benefited able to get their daily earning that has positively impacted their living standards.

One of the greatness merits of online writing is that, it opens door for opportunities to many individuals without being biased of the level of education or educational qualifications. It’s based on eligibility of one’s online writing skills and creativity with effective mastery of language and grammar. Many have turned out their writing skills into an earning with limited restriction as some operate in part time basis while others in full time basis.

We have diverse online platforms that individuals with smartphones seeks to come across especially in this period of the pandemic. Interested individuals have managed to place their daily meal on table following the pleasant outcome of online writing.

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Online writing refers to the scripting of a text using electronic devise. This could be through texting, e-mailing and blogging in social media. Online writing has offered diverse job opportunities in diverse sites of internet and this could be content writing, blogging news, news writing and others where one will select the area of interest on the basis of one’s skill level.

Basing one content writing, diverse sites in internet has exposed bold opportunities to young youths who could have engaged in crime activities in a bid of getting money for sustainability. Internet has become a global pool for youths that has in turn posed a positive impact to their lives stimulating development and prosperity.

We have diverse online sites for content submission where one develops a story, writing news or articles of diverse categories and gets published. The reach or views of article or content published is on the basis of its quality, currency and impact to the target readers. The revenue is directly proportional with the reach and clicks.

In a nutshell I can elucidate the concept of the reach, clicks and earning in a published article. The reach is the number of readers who have viewed the article. Google do display ads just in between the article and when the readers go through the article one may be attempted to click the ads and thus this is the clicks.

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