Larry Madowo Reports New Worrying Details On Congo Mountain Eruption


Photo: CNN Journalist Larry Madowo

Violent Volcanic mountain Nyiragongo eruption has claimed many people’s lives and others homeless.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled from the country after the incident caused panic amongst residents living in that region.

Congo is preparing for another possible volcanic eruption, with most residents of Goma being issued evacuation orders by the government.

Larry Madowo is one of the reporters who was sent to cover the whole incident and he described it as the worst displacement that has ever occured in the whole world.

In a post on his twitter account on May 29th, Larry Madowo remarked that the Lava left fire behind and many people are still unaccounted for the region.

“A week after the volcanic eruption at Mt Nyiragongo, there’s still fire in the lava left behind in Goma. There are people still unaccounted for. LIVE all morning on CNN,” Larry Madowo remarked.

The whole world should continue to pray for the Congo people since they have been greatly affected by the violent eruption.

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