KDF Soilders In Celebration After A Major Achievement


Photo: Kenya Defense Forces Soilders

The Kenya defense forces organized training for army officers which, brought Soilders from various nations in Africa.

Soilders who attended the course were taught on the national management of the security sector and administration.

Brigadier General R T Chogonapanja from Malawi said,” Before Coming for this course I really didn’t have enough knowledge than what I have gathered here, so I can testify that this course is very important for those of us especially working under the national government.

The army officers who were trained in the course were able to understand government functionalities and how to relate with each other.

The tutors disseminated knowledge on the impact of the domestic and external environment in enabling critical decision making for policy makers in the country.

Yvonne Kirui (Kenya Defense forces ) remarked, ” In one year the content that has been taught in the course has been very useful and gives a broad conceptualization of national security issues.




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