Angry Atwoli Turns Against Uhuru’s Govt And Leaks This Worrying Information


The Kenya government had proposed a bill in Parliament which seeks to compell the employers to pay for the employees National health insurance fund charges.

This comes at a time when the government seeks to have all Kenyans above the age of 18 years insured by NHIF.

While addressing the press, national assembly majority leader Amos Kimunya termed the move great milestone in ensuring that all Kenyans have access to quality and affordable health care.

NHIF Bill, 2021 states,“A person liable to pay a matching contribution shall pay such contributions in their capacity as an employer and shall not deduct such contribution from the salary or other remuneration of the employee.”

Central Organization of trade unions rejected plans since they will affect employers negatively and reverse the great strides made in the past.

“In essence, this amendment bill will disband NHIF and bring up an amorphous body with a new mandate and new objectives,” Cotu asserted.

COTU and 45 affiliate companies warned that the whole bill was retrogressive thus it greatly affect both employers and common Mwanachi.

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