Fearless Ruto’s Allies Come To The Rescue Of Kenyans On Lockdown And Curfews


Deputy president Dr William Ruto’s allies this morning convined a meeting to address the current Corona virus pandemic situation in the country.

The most of leaders are drawn from the five counties that have been affected by the lockdown and other government restrictions.

Unfortunately police dispersed the politicians from the lavington hotel which, compelled them to address the press from outside.

The police chased them from the hotel on ground of not observing the Corona Virus government directives.

Leaders who spoke to the media asked the government to come up with measure of precautioning Kenyans from the negative impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the country.

The asked government to immunize every person in the region infested by the disease.
President Uhuru Kenyatta locked down five counties and declared a dusk to dawn Curfew that starts from 8pm to 4am inorder to curb the spread of the deadly Corona virus.

All Kenyans are encouraged to follow all ministry of health protocols and guidelines to curb the spread of Corona virus.

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