Govt Gives Eric Omondi New Orders


Eric Omondi’s Wife material program has been a cause of concern amongst many Kenyans in the country.

In first wife material program the celebrity posted videos in which he was having affairs with different ladies.

The second wife material show turned messy after the contestants for the wife material turned rowdy as police had to come and settle down the conflicts.

Eric Omondi was arrested by the police and was released on a bail of Ksh 50,000.
The self proclaimed president of African comedy ate a humble pie and apologized to films and classifications head Ezekiel Mutua.

“Daktari Ezekiel Mutua is of the very strong opinion that Wife Material does not have to be dirty to sell. I completely agree with him and I have sent him a personal apology,” Omondi said.
Ezekiel Mutua accepted Omondi’s apology and said they are ready for an off court settlement of the matter before hand.

“We received an apology and request from Eric Omondi for an out of court settlement of the case against him, but apparently the explicit videos are still circulating on his social media platforms. The pornographic videos MUST be taken down by 8am Mon 15th March 2021 otherwise.” Ezekiel Mutua asserted.
The KFCB gave a notice that the explicit content should be pulled down by 8am Mon 15th March 2021 .

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