Angry Ruto’s Ally Reveals What Raila’s Team Is Doing Behind Scenes Ahead Of 2022


Various leaders were interviewed concerning their perspective on the building bridges initiative and the incoming Covid-19 vaccines.

Already most counties have passed the BBI bill, Dr William Ruto has refused to led the campaign against it saying that he is focused on the 2022 presidential elections.

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi remarked that the handshake brought ODM out of the streets & now they feel accommodated in power and government but it is not a guarantee that they will get out of the streets.

He said that he is ooking forward to the vaccine getting into the country and being of help to Kenyans.

Gladwell Cheruyiot who is Woman representative for Baringo gave her opinion that it is Jubilee’s business to rearrange their house.

Since KANU party gives its members liberty to freely speak. Party members should not want freedom to play, hop around or abuse parties.

“We have voting machines in parliament, MP’s cannot stand up against the force of Executive & party leaders. You can serve the country better if you serve as an independent candidate as there are no threats of being kicked out of a party,”Mithika Linturi asserted.

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Sylvia Kasanga, Nominated Senator said that the oversight role of government is not reserved for one side.

“Oversight role of parliament still happens. Wiper members take independent thought. If Kenyans are looking for a party with ideologies, then they need to look out for wiper party,” Kasanga remarked.

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