Tension High: America Leaks Alshaabab Possible Attacks On Kenyans


The Alshaabab terrorist group based in Somalia has made very many attacks on Kenyans.

Some of the most remarkable attacks include the attack on Garissa University, Dusit D2 and church attacks.

During the tenure of president Mwai Kibaki the Kenyan Soilders teamed up with other armed forces in the region with an aim of flushing out the group.

What prompted the government to go after the deadly criminals was because the terrorists made daring moves in the Kenyan space.

The move to flush out the terrorists from the country has restored calm in Somali which, had been Politically unstable for a very long time.

The US government has issued new warning to civilian airlines authority flying in the Kenyan airspace to Watch out for possible attacks by militant groups.

The United States of America said that Kenyan airline companies should watch out since the Alshaabab terrorists have weapons capable of bringing down aircrafts.

Daring Alshaabab terrorists can shoot down the aircraft at low altitudes of 25000 feet – putting at risk arrival and departure phases on flights, especially on the population route through north eastern Kenya and Somali.

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Kenyan aircraft companies should be careful against the schemes by the terrorists who have a capacity to attack them.

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