Covid-19 Strikes Leaving Uhuru In Morning Amidst The Nation Address


Kenyans from all walks of life, regardless of their social and economic status waited eagerly for the state of nation address to Kenyans.

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Uhuru Kenyatta remarked that he was making the State of the Nation Address in the midst of extraordinary global economic, social, and health disruptions, which have not spared us.

” Those disruptions necessitated the rescheduling of this Address for about Six Months,” Uhuru asserted.

The president noted with satisfaction the critical role Parliament has continued to play in facilitating and driving the realization of our National Vision by appropriating resources; and by oversighting the Executive, the Judiciary and the County Governments.

“Today, as I deliver the State of the Nation Address, I will also report on the measures taken and the progress achieved in the realization of our National Values in line with Article 132 of our Constitution,” Uhuru said.

During his address to the he requested the members present to have a moment of silence in rememberance to people who lost live due to Covid-19.

“I now request all of you to rise on your feet and join me in observing a minute of silence in honour and in memory of the 1,289 Kenyans, who have succumbed to the deadly disease,” President Kenyatta bitterly remarked.


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