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Raila’s Life At Risk As Misconduct With Ruto Surfaces



In politics there are no permanent friends or enemies as people who have unreconcilable differences have turned to be the best friends.

This is the reason why a Kenyan should not hate his neighbor over politics as the leaders who were against each other during an election may change tune and form a coalition.

Most Kenyans were surprised to see the former prime minister Raila Odinga and Deputy President Dr William Ruto watching a football match between Harambee Stars and Comoros yesterday.

In first half Youssouf M’changama put visitors after he scored a free kick. The Comoros player brought live into the game when his ball deflected the wall almost 25 yards out after Mmadi Ali was fouled.

Masud Juma brought hope to Kenyans when he scored an equalizer at the 65th minute. Kenyan players missed many chance which ended the game in a draw.
President Uhuru Kenyatta recently gave a directive that it is a must that every Kenyan should wear a mask when in a public gathering.

Photo: Raila Odinga with Ruto Not Wearing Masks during Kenya vs Comoros Match

Photo: Raila Odinga with Ruto Not Wearing Masks during Kenya vs Comoros Match

During the match Raila Odinga put his life at risk by not wearing mask alongside Ruto. Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the older population.
It is important for Kenyans from all walks of life to wear masks and to continue observing social distance at all times.

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